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One of the RAPID paths to commence earning a livelihood through trading involves acquiring access to a funded trading account. This enables you to engage with larger capital, an avenue typically inaccessible.

Should you have previously faced setbacks in an FTMO challenge or if anxiety has taken hold due to the considerable failure rate, fret not. We present a 100% manual trading system that will effectively guide you through the FTMO challenge, sparing you the exertion.

Our success rate currently stands at an impressive 95%, having assisted over 3500 traders in securing fully funded FTMO accounts, a significant stride towards attaining financial independence.


Advantages of Securing Funding Funding empowers you with capital that, as a retail trader, might otherwise remain beyond reach. Alternatively, if your schedule is brimming with commitments, or if risking your personal funds or savings feels intricate, opting for someone else's capital to trade can prove less complicated. Subsequent to obtaining funding, a noteworthy 90% of your earnings become yours to retain.

Engaging in trading on diminutive accounts, fueled by aspirations of magnifying the account size twofold or even triple-fold, often culminates in account depletion, thanks to an excessively aggressive trading approach. This tendency elucidates why most retail traders remain distanced from trading success, despite years of grappling with account losses.

Rather than embarking on trading with a live account of $500 and setting unrealistic goals of $10,000 returns within a month, we advocate seeking funding. Embark on a journey where you can achieve a 10% return on a $100,000 account. By doing so, you amass earnings with lesser risk, diminished pressure, and curtailed greed.

Navigating Challenges and Verification In under 15 trading days, we proficiently navigate the trading parameters of the preliminary evaluation phase, propelling you into the verification phase, which typically involves targets of 10% or 8%, contingent on the preferred proprietary trading firm.

Before attaining funding, you must first succeed in the second stage: verification. This entails achieving half of the set target, which corresponds to 5% or 4% of the account balance.


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