Newest interview of TFT with Vilkauss Normunds

TFT had the privilege of conversing with Vilkauss Normunds, an accomplished figure in the trading realm. During this interview, Vilkauss imparted profound insights into his journey as a trader, unveiling his strategies while delving into the psychological dimensions that have contributed to his trading acumen.

Vilkauss emphasized the critical role of maintaining an unwavering and disciplined mindset in the realm of trading. He underscored the significance of emotional resilience, advising traders to guard against the intrusion of detrimental emotions such as anger and sorrow in their trading decisions. Vilkauss stressed that cultivating a clear and focused mindset is pivotal for achieving consistent success in the markets.

In the TFT Trader Interview featuring Vilkauss Normunds, he candidly discussed the challenges he faced, particularly the hurdle of losses, and the psychological fortitude required to navigate them. He conveyed that losses are an inherent part of trading and advised traders to avoid succumbing to demoralization or letting losses cloud their judgment. Instead, he advocated for the practice of journaling, which helps traders maintain a broader perspective on their overall profitability.

Vilkauss also shared his transition from shorter to longer timeframes, elucidating how larger timeframes offer clearer and more reliable trading setups, thereby reducing the noise often associated with intraday trading. He cautioned traders against excessive monitoring of trades, suggesting that once a trade is executed, allowing it to evolve without constant intervention is often a prudent approach.

Expounding on his trading strategy, Vilkauss revealed his strong reliance on supply and demand zones. He advocated for a minimum risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3 and encouraged traders to prioritize percentage gains over absolute profits.

For a deeper understanding of his experience, we invite you to watch the complete interview:

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